As the Ikea jokes gather momentum in the countdown to tonight’s England-Sweden quarter final encounter, Sadie has made a big move towards taking the Total World Cup title home.
She did it by confidently predicting Belgium’s 2-1 victory over Brazil, the only Total player who didn’t think the five-times champions would dance a samba through to the semi-finals.
That double pointer, added to being one of six to tip France to oust Uruguay, gave her a two-point lead at the top of the table with just five games left in the tournament.
So the big questions to answer today: why doesn’t VAR spot obvious penalties (millions worldwide on TV saw Kompany bring down Jesus – how on earth can you get away with fouling someone called Jesus in the penalty box?)?; win or lose, how many England fans won’t be fit enough to go to work tomorrow morning?; is there enough vodka in Sochi (repeat nationwide) to fuel the celebrations in Mother Russia should the hosts take care of Croatia?
Quarter finals today
Sweden v England
Russia v Croatia
Total World Cup 2018 standings
Sadie 39
Narayan 37
Sara 33
Sean 29
Lindsay 28
Ahmad 27
Amii 27
Tony 25

Tony Lewis, CEO