Total to Share ‘Back of the Net’ CEO Roundups

Sports reporter turned CEO Tony Lewis, aka our official football pundit, has been brightening up our inbox lately with a daily roundup of the only tournament currently gripping the globe (sorry Wimbledon), the 2018 FIFA World Cup. 

We’ve had cheers of joy and whimpers of defeat in the Total Communications office as match by match, round by round we painstaking predict those lucky numbers to claw up the staff scoreboard.

Now we’re not sure if it was the nail-biting win for England last night, or the AC blowing out hot air this morning, but we’ve decided to channel that positive energy into sharing these round-up musings with you all on our blog. 

Move aside BBC Sport, Total Tony is coming through armed with all the football fever highlights you’ll need to impress your friends and colleagues. Tune into our blog daily to catch the latest updates from the Quarter Finals and beyond, and see who’s topping the TC leaderboard.


Amii Cumming, Digital Comms Manager