Our Services


We’re here to give the benefit of our experience and guide you on the journey from where you are, to where you want to be with your business.

The agency becomes an extension of your team and provides consultancy in all areas where public relations support can deliver genuine benefits. We’re good listeners and give advice based on what’s best for you. 

Other agencies talk more about strategic planning than about what they do to get results. But planning is just the starting point, and our abiding strategy for all our clients is to get things done, and produce results they can see.

We’re not looking for short-term gains, but long-term business partnerships.

Media relations

We don’t make promises we can’t keep, nor boasts we can’t substantiate. But we believe no agency invests more time in developing and reinforcing its relationships with the media to the benefit of their clients.

Our founder had a 16-year career in print and broadcast journalism in the UK and the Middle East before setting up the agency. 

His experience as a reporter and sub editor has largely shaped the way we approach the media, and the way we think, write and edit content in order to turn our clients’ business into headline news.

Digital management

The growing importance of digital media excites people because it puts them in control of the messages they want to send out to their audiences.

A digital tidal wave has swept the marketing world leaving a path of hashtags, meta data and SEO in its wake. 
We have adapted and evolved our PR practices to embrace this transition, and our digital experts are committed to providing the right quality, tone and consistency in the content you deliver through your website, social media and viral requirements.
Our digital services include social media management, website development, search engine marketing and optimisation, influencer marketing and digital advertising.

Branding & Design

We’re not branding or design experts, but our business partners are and we manage our clients’ requirements to ensure everything about them and their business looks good.

Our services deliver powerful corporate identities, impactful event branding, and a wide range of collateral that makes our clients stand out.

Our strengths are in finding the best partners to fit the budget, and managing the branding and design processes from start to finish to ensure timely delivery of high quality work. 

Friends having fun in the desert (Example Caption)

Friends having fun in the desert (Example Caption)


Events are a big part of our business. Our work is behind the success achieved by scores of B2B, B2C and sports events in the Middle East.

We bring events to the attention of huge audiences in the UAE, across the region and around the world.

Our organisational skills, imagination and attention to detail, coupled with our PR expertise and media relations expertise, have made client roadshows, product and property launches stand out. 

We also work with some of the Middle East’s best event management agencies and production houses to deliver outstanding corporate events, including gala dinners and awards and networking evenings and other special occasions.

Dubai, The Never Sleeping Beauty   (Another example caption)

Dubai, The Never Sleeping Beauty (Another example caption)

Image production

Every picture is worth a thousand words. At least it will be if you invest in the services of professionals who see the image that’s needed before they shoot it, and manage situations to ensure they get it.

Too many PR and marketing initiatives are undermined by poor quality still and moving pictures. We work with the best image makers in the business to prevent that from happening.

Our image partners include one of the world’s top photo agencies, some of the Middle East’s best video production outfits, and a bunch of committed UAE-based professionals who work to our high standards. Otherwise they don’t work for us again.

The image caption doesn't have to always appear, you can make it show up when you move your mouse over here.

The image caption doesn't have to always appear, you can make it show up when you move your mouse over here.


Since our formation, we have worked hand in hand with clients from many business sectors to ensure they get the best out of their sponsorship activities.

Through intensive research, we identify sponsorship opportunities offering the biggest exposure to the target audience and best value for money.

Managing sponsorships from start to finish, we build tailored PR programmes to ensure extensive brand recognition leading to business gains and market advantages.

We also source sponsorship using our own extensive business connections and those of our partners and associates.