Taking it back to the basics

As social media marketers, we recognise how important it is to take a step back and remind ourselves of the basics. It’s easy to get distracted by the latest technologies and innovations, losing sight of the fundamentals in the process.

How do you decide what to post on social media? What content works best for each platform? What does your audience like? These are some of the basic yet integral questions we regularly examine when considering the most suitable channels for our brands and their goals.

Here’s our overview of the social media ‘Big 4’:

Facebook can reach a large audience with budget friendly posts through in-depth audience targeting. It’s great for groups and the Facebook Live function, and particularly ideal for SMEs building brand awareness.

Instagram gives you the opportunity to present your brand in the Feed but show more of your personality in your Stories. The forgiving filters compliment even amateur photographers and it is most suitable for competitive visual industries such as fashion and art. 

LinkedIn is a professional platform and community for extensive networking where companies can showcase their organisation and discover talent. We find it is best for B2B and lead generation.

Twitter is best for breaking news, quick updates and current affairs. It’s a fast paced platform that provides easily digestible content. Twitter provides a great way of boosting your own content by linking to international trending topics and news stories.

Social media is now an indispensable tool for business development and to achieve success, you need to understand the basics. Instead of spreading yourself thinly across every platform available, focus your efforts on the channels that best fit the content you create and the brand you are presenting.

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Sadie Smith, Digital Communications Executive