One of the toughest jobs PR firms often have with clients is making them appreciate what is news, and what isn’t.

Over the years I’ve often started the discussion with the line that news is something new with an ‘s’ on the end.

If the information you’re planning to release is nothing new, don’t expect it to produce good PR when so much information circulates instantly online.

So, if what you want to announce isn’t new, build it into something that is to provide impact and put the service or product you’re selling in front of your audience.

Research can often be the key, providing newsworthy statistics and trends which make an announcement relevant and interesting.

Any story really takes off if it contains elements of human interest, competition or conflict, celebrity involvement or something completely out of the ordinary.

The budget may not run to hiring a Hollywood star to endorse a product on Instagram live while abseiling the world’s tallest building.

But think hard and be creative, like the best storytellers. That’s what the best PR people are.