It’s all about getting things done

Welcome to our new website. We trust you’ll find it useful and straightforward.

One thing you might notice is that it doesn’t place a big emphasis on strategy. 

In fact, you’ll struggle to find the word anywhere on the site.

You certainly won’t find it attached to our name, or top of the list of the services we offer.

That’s because strategy is another word for plan, and while strategic planning is part of what we do, our main strategy for all our clients is to get things done.

Now we’re not saying that you should avoid PR and full service agencies which hark on incessantly about strategic planning.

We just feel that most of what you invest in an agency’s services should cover what they do for you on a day-to-day basis, and not so much on how they present to you what they’ll do, and why.

A few years ago, for ‘political’ reasons, one of our clients gave a job that should have been ours to a bigger agency.

They produced a 50-something strategy document, and the over the next three months followed it up with three press releases which produced seven press clippings.

At that point, the client called us in to salvage the situation, which we did by recruiting and managing a PR pro’ to work in house for them and, basically, tell the bigger agency what to do. 

It had to be done that way, as it would have been embarrassing for all concerned if we’d been the ones telling them how to do their job.

What we’re basically saying here is that you’ve come to the right place.