When boutique is a winner over big

In PR, as in hotels, small is beautiful.

We’re biased, naturally, having been boutique agency for almost a quarter of a century.

Of course, there are days when we can be made to feel….small. 

Never insignificant, weak, ineffective, lacking influence, unable to deliver bottom line results. In fact, quite the opposite.

Just small, at times, when we look at the size and scale of much bigger operators in the market.

What, though, does small or boutique mean in PR? And what is the real benefit of big?

Basically, big is no guarantee of big results. Big can be outstanding, and big can give clients an advantage should they have a big budget and need on-the-ground support across a number of markets.

What clients often fail to grasp is that the bigger agencies divide into small teams in order to service companies with more restricted budgets. In effect, they offer no more than a boutique agency in terms of size.

Pound for pound, we’ve always felt that we’re among the best operators around, largely because we work much closer together as a team from top to bottom. 

In fact, there is no bottom in a good boutique PR agency because all members of the team come together to work at the same level.  Like a family.

This close-knit atmosphere pays dividends, particularly during high pressure situations like the one we faced recently when a major launch event was thrust upon us at very short notice.

It’s on occasions like this that a close-knit boutique agency really comes into its own, proving that size isn’t everything in PR