Journalists are still influencers in the digital age

Many of our journalist friends say they live in constant fear of the threat to their livelihoods posed by social media.

It’s understandable, as social networks have effectively removed the traditional media’s monopoly as our main news source.

But rather than see social media as a menace, journalists should see it as a challenge and an opportunity combined.

The spiraling growth of smart phones and social networks has given anyone with access to them the chance to create their own media space and fill it with content of their choice.

But those who have spent years learning and polishing their journalism skills have the same opportunity, as well as huge advantages, in this arena.

Anyone doubting this should take a look at the New York Times on Instagram and see how traditional story-telling, writing and editing skills, combined  with strong images, are still so powerful in the digital age.

The NYT Insta’ page is a beautiful reminder that, no matter how much the media landscape changes, the true masters of pictures and words can still be serious influencers.

Tony Lewis, CEO