Opening a new UAE gateway to the Middle East

There’s a great buzz in the United Arab Emirates following the news that the country is opening its market for foreign direct investment and talent.

We’re excited too by the opportunity to play our part in attracting international investors, and benefitting in real business terms.

For almost 30 years, Total Communications has helped brands build their presence in the UAE and expand into other Middle East markets

We see ourselves as the perfect partner for companies now looking to capitalise on the UAE’s historic decision to approve 100% foreign ownership of companies in the country for the first time. And to introduce a new long-term visa system for international investors and high-skilled professional workers.

We’re now spreading the word through our global network of full service communications agency partners. The message is that the new ownership and visa reforms reinforce the established benefits of investing in the UAE.

They include strategic location, state-of-the-art infrastructure, political and social stability, ease of doing business, and protection of intellectual property rights.

Throughout the time we’ve been in business, the UAE has been a great place to live and work.

Recent times have brought their challenges, but at Total we believe in the country’s ability to rise again and go to another level. As we rely on our ability to do the same.

In the UAE, we’re the right choice for brands seeking a gateway to Middle East markets.

Exciting times ahead.

Tony Lewis, CEO