Be proactive, don’t waste time: two keys to good PR

PR agencies are often accused of devaluing their worth to clients through simple failures to recognise their needs.

Beyond established deliverables and monthly reports, businesses are entitled to expect more from their PR spend.

An agency must recognise this in order to turn contractual agreements into long-term working partnerships.

One of the things that irks clients more than anything is the need to chase their PR agency for action and results.

Agencies that succeed in turning contracts into lasting relationships make it a priority from the start to deliver fully proactive support.

Another priority is to take up as little of their clients’ time as necessary and waste none.

This allows the client to devote maximum time to the running and development of their business.

One of the keys here is for the agency, through initial talks with the client and extensive market research, to develop an early and comprehensive understanding of the business and what makes them stand out.

Another is to have clearly set out agendas and objectives for PR meetings.

This cuts down dramatically on the amount of time-consuming consultancy needed to drive the PR programme.

Be proactive and don’t waste time – a message all PR professionals need to get.