Managing venues is key to making events work

When you’re staging an event on behalf of a client, it’s vital to be able to trust the venue to be open, honest and right on top of their game.

That’s why PR agencies like us working in an event management capacity prefer going to places we know to get the job done.

Even then, it’s vital that we accept our responsibility as the event organiser to deliver as promised, and that means managing the venue from start to finish.

This is particularly important when, out of necessity, we’re taking an event to a brand new venue, or to one we haven’t used previously.

Choosing a venue where the event team don’t deliver on promises can lead to disastrous results and put pressure on your relationship with the client, or worse.

For this reason, one of the golden rules of event management is to get everything agreed and promised clearly identified to the finest detail in your contract, and have a thorough pre-event run through meeting to make sure every point is practically covered.

If you’ve booked the venue exclusively, the last thing you want on the day is to find that you’re sharing it with another event or members of the public.

Experience has shown that this can happen, and that venue managers give less than the agreed access time for set-up and breakdown, putting unnecessary pressure on your event team.

Well organised event managers plan everything well in advance to the finest detail, are prepared for things to go wrong because of third party failings, and can normally resolve the issues without the client, or guests, noticing. 

There is no short cut to a successful event. Meticulous planning and hard work are essential. Picking the right venue can make all the difference.