Why social media investment adds up

The majority of companies today understand the importance of a digital footprint. They want a website, online CRM tools and of course social media accounts.

Brands and organisations are actively employing tech-savvy individuals to handle their Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more, so why when it comes to outsourcing is social media spend still an afterthought for so many?

When deployed successfully, the value produced from these platforms can be exponential, taking a little known company hurtling through the big leagues off the back of a cleverly constructed meme or thought compelling tweet. Done badly and the after effects can be crippling- but that’s a whole other blog entry!

I have my own Twitter and Facebook, how hard can it be?

Put simply, you may tweet about your steak and chips in JBR’s latest hotspot, but a social media specialist will research, draw up a content outline, content creation, schedule and track results. This time, effort and commitment is what drives a successful social media campaign and it requires strategy and skill, plus natural flair.

These services render a fee when applied to any profession, so setting a social media spend as part of your budget should take the same consideration as your PR or advertising allowance.

Should I invest?

The question really is, do you want your social media accounts to reflect your brand personality as well as your logo or website does? Do you want specialists on the front line managing reputation in real time? Do you want to raise awareness of a product or service, to reach and influence your target market and beyond?

If yes, then it is well worth the investment. 

Amii Cumming, Digital Communications Manager