Fly Emirates – our (free) advice to United boss Munoz

As United Airways struggles to cope with public outrage after a passenger was dragged off a plane, here’s some free PR advice for the airline’s, CEO, Oscar Munoz – Fly Emirates.

That’s right, Mr Munoz, hop aboard an EK flight to Dubai from the US – you’ve noticed that there are quite a few of those these days, haven’t you?

Then maybe you’ll see how a real airline treats its passengers,

And when you get to Dubai, spend a few hours with the Emirates corporate communications team. You’ll pick up a few tips on how to communicate with your passengers, and the outside world in general, particularly if things go wrong.

Because things can go wrong on a commercial flight, can’t they Mr Munoz?

And when that happens, and it’s your fault, the first thing to do is to recognise the fact and say your’re sorry.

You’re sorry that it happened. It should never have happened. It was unnacceptable. You’re taking steps to find out why it happened and make absolutely sure it never happens again. And you’re going to compensate anyone and everyone who was harmed by what happened. 

As the United boss, it really was your fault, wasn’t it Mr Munoz. Not the fault of a doctor, hauled down the aisle on one of your planes like a sack of potatoes, his glasses broken, blood dribbling from his nose.

He hadn’t really been “disruptive and belligerent”, had he Mr Munoz? So you shouldn’t have said that, should you? Because you’re the guy in charge. And you should be the one setting an example.

Not just to keep the stock market happy. But because treating passengers like a hijacker is not on.

One last piece of free PR advice, Mr Munoz. Commit to a complete review and overhaul of United’s customer service offering, and its communications strategy. If you’re not sure how to go about that, maybe check while you’re in Dubai. 

Tony Lewis, Founder & CEO