Traditional skills can make social media campaigns rock

In the digital age, the fundamentals of traditional PR are just as important as they always were, and professionals who have and hold on to them will always possess a competitive advantage.

This is something to bear in mind whether you’re recruiting an individual to run or join your digital communications team, or looking for an agency to manage or reinforce your online presence and effectiveness.

Over the years, the most successful PR professionals have normally been the best story tellers, and this is an art that increases in value, rather than declines, in the transformation from print to digital.

The ability to tell a story which impacts an audience through words and images is the key to effective communications across any changes in the media landscape.

Today’s digital communicators and social media specialists need a new range of technical knowhow, creativity and imagination to get their message across.

But the package is not complete unless supported by strong writing and editing skills which can be the difference between social media campaigns that rock, and those that fall flat. 

Tony Lewis, Founder & CEO