Why ‘yes’ is not always the answer you need

A good PR agency offers a wide range of services well above and beyond media relations, press release writing and everything in between. 

In the digital age, we have adapted to the changing media landscape and embraced social platforms and the growing role of influencers.

One thing that hasn’t changed however is that, at our core, we are consultants, able to advise clients on the best avenues to pursue in order to communicate their brand messaging in the most effective way.

During day-to-day client servicing this is a priority, and we steer clear of the stigma sometimes attached to PR agencies as being little more than ‘yes men’. 

Hiring an agency to act purely as a vehicle to disseminate any and all ‘news’ is not the way to go.

It’s refreshing when a client tells us: “Here’s something we feel has an interesting angle - what’s your opinion and what’s the best way to approach it?” 

This gives us the opportunity to do what we do best, applying our knowledge of what the media want in order to craft a focussed piece with greater depth and relevance, at the same time developing content to reinforce the message via digital platforms.

Working with an agency which agrees with everything you say, does everything you ask without question, may feel comfortable, but you’re not getting the best value for your investment in PR.

What a client may think is a great story can come across as a blatant promotion to a journalist and end up in the recycle bin, in the process undermining the agency’s, and the client’s, credibility.

Give a good PR consultant the opportunity to offer the benefit of their experience – this may at times result in them saying ‘no” - and they will deliver time and again.

Sean Muir, Account Manager